Before you sign up, please ensure you have the following required in the signup process:
  1. Own a Ferrari registered in Singapore or is a beneficial user of a Ferrari registered in Singapore
  2. Log card stating ownership details in PDF (if you are not the registered owner, an authorisation letter from the owner stating the relationship and allowing you the use of the car)
  3. Photograph in jpg, jpeg, png or gif format
  4. Credit Card for payment (Payment will be refunded to your credit card if your application is not accepted. Please note you do not need a paypal account and can click on the credit card option to input your card details)
  5. Fees are calculated at $800 per year when you signup at any time in the year
  6. Under the Club's Constitution, every membership application needs to be proposed by an ordinary member and seconded by a Committee Member. For administrative convenience, the Committee will arrange for 2 Committee Members to propose and second online membership applications. However if no Committee Members are willing to support any particular application, the applicant may be required to procure his/her own purposer and seconder to support the application as required by the Constitution.

Please note that you have to pay $800.00 membership fee upon submission

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